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NAC is an International school with continuous education from Nursery to graduation.

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December 13, 2023
Parents Visit without an Appointment

Parents who decide to walk in must complete this form to explain the reason for the visit
Parent Visit Without Appointment

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December 5, 2023
NAC IBPYP Candidacy Statement

Narmer American College is a candidate school for IB Primary Year Programme PYP

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December 5, 2023
NAC IBMYP Authorization

Narmer American College is authorized to offer the IB Middle Year Programme MYP

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December 3, 2023
NAC Rules and Regulations For Parent Visit to The School

NAC Rules and Regulations

  • Entrance to the NAC School gates is allowed daily (on weekdays)  at 8:30 AM and not before.


  • Parents and visitors are allowed to come in wearing a face mask or face shield and sticking to this rule secure the health and safety of all.


  • The purpose of the visit must be announced to the security personnel at the school gate, and the purpose must be either: having a preset appointment, needing to purchase the uniform or paying school fees.


  • No visits to the school or meetings with Administrators are allowed without a prior appointment and appointments are taken by contacting the school phone numbers or by sending an email to the appropriate channel.


  • Parents are expected to be using respectful language and a voice tone acceptable by NAC and suitable to the school campus. Using aggressive language, attitude or loud tone with any NAC staff or faculty member under any circumstances is not acceptable and will be dealt with professionally as always. Parents who insist on exhibiting any unwelcomed behavior will be escorted out of the school premises and the school will be obliged to take the necessary legal measures ; a situation that could be avoided by simple self-management that adults are capable of practicing.  


  • Certain legal measures have been taken today due to an unjustified and unacceptable behavior and serious offense exhibited and committed today by certain visitors against the school personnel and Administrators and the school is doing all that’s necessary regarding this incident.


  • The entire incident has been captured by all school cameras that are naturally installed for the safety of the entire school community within the walls of NAC and this record has served well against the offenders and it will result in severe legal repercussions against them.


  • The security personnel at the gate are instructed to follow the school rules and are given strict instructions regarding the security of the building and the students. Security personnel are forbidden to allow any unannounced visits (without an appointment) unless the visit is to pay fees or to purchase school uniform. Please cooperate with them, they take this role to secure your children and the school.


  • Appointments will not be taken on the spot and parents do not hold the right to insist on meeting any member of faculty or staff prior to a set appointment. All faculty and staff members are strictly adhering by the school rules and regulations and will not meet parents on demand. NAC parents must respect that simple arrangement and are welcomed to meet admin representatives only with a prior to a set appointment.


  • The reception personnel are strictly instructed to greet the parents who enter the school and to receive and deliver messages to the Administrators and to the Faculty, and Staff only. They are not authorized to interfere with the school policy or regulations of the school. Therefore, parents need to deliver their message to the reception personnel who will take it as received to the concerned departments. Please don’t argue with them and don’t expect them to argue with the Administrators in order to fulfill your request. They will only deliver your message and give you the response as needed. The front desk line takes all matters seriously and they are very well trained and skilled to communicate and to help parents.


  • Parents who pick up their child(ren) through the school gates are expected to pick up their children and depart immediately , teachers who are supervising students will not be replying to any parents who stop to ask them questions. These teachers are on duty supervising the other students until the parents, drivers pick them up. Parents must follow the rules and regulations decided for the dismissal time, presenting the parent ID as requested or authorization cards issued by the school. Again, this is the safety and security of the children, your support is required at all times.


  • Parent suggestions and opinions are always welcomed and we value the voice of our stakeholders, however, there are areas of decision making that only NAC administration governs; NAC parents trust NAC administration and trust that decisions made both align with the Ministry of Education regulations and with the best interest of NAC students. Decisions related to allocations of students, teacher assignments, classroom locations for example, are purely NAC admin decisions.


Please find below the contacts to the Admin Assistant of the designated Principals).

  • Parents coming in for a preset appointment remain in the reception area until the Admin Assistant escorts them to their meeting venue and they aren’t allowed to wander around the school.


The NAC school administration will not allow any violation of its rules under any circumstances.

All the rules and regulations stated above are for the benefit of each and every student enrolled at NAC. 

All NAC families should be committed to following all the rules and regulations of their academic institution and we together, parents, NAC Administration, Faculty and staff, must put our hands together in a triangle as stakeholders.   


As parents, you will always be role models for your children and therefore your continued cooperation is highly appreciated.

School phone numbers for appointments or any information:   02-25874000


Emails for concerns or to reach the Administrators and Principals for appointments (Emails of all their admin assistants)

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November 13, 2023
Cambridge Primary & Lower Secondary Ceremonies 2023-24
Cambridge Primary & Lower Secondary Ceremonies 2023-24 were held on November 6, 2023 at the Mohamed ElRashidy Auditorium.
We are very proud of our students who have reached the highest global ranking in their checkpoint results.
The ceremony was organized by Cambridge University Press & Assessment. The ceremony acknowledging students for completing their Checkpoint exams last April.
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November 4, 2023
Narmer American College was honored to host the Cognia Impact Conference 2023-2024

Narmer American College was honored to host the Cognia Impact Conference 2023-2024

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NAC Mission

Narmer American College has as its primary mission the education and development of the whole student-mind , body and spirit. The students will be equipped to assume positions of leadership with an understanding technology and its impact on the global community.

Students will be able to cooperate in a diverse multicultural community.

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