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Graduation Requirement

Graduation Requirements for American Diploma

At the conclusion of each year, credits are awarded for each course completed with a passing grade and according to the following guidelines: full-time/full-year course = one credit; full-time/semester course = 0.50 credit; full-time/quarter course = 0.25 credit; part-time/full-year or semester course = between 0.25 and 0.50 credits. Courses taken for one trimester only = 0.33 credit and for two trimesters = 0.66 credit.

A minimum of 26 credits is required for graduation from Narmer American College. A MINIMUM cumulative GPA 2.00 over 4 years of high school, based on grade earned at NAC, is also required for graduation.

Social Studies 3
World Languages 2(Same Language)
Arabic/ASL 3
PE/Health 1
Electives (additional courses beyond those required) 5
TOTAL Credits Required Min. 26

Grading Scale

Percentage for Regular SubjectsGPAHonors, AP & IB PercentageIB Descriptor
A93-974.088-97 6
A-90-92 3.785-87 6
B+88-89 3.382-84 6
B83-87 3.078-81 5
B-80-82 2.775-77 5
C+78-79 2.372-74 4
C73-77 2.068-71 4
C-70-72 1.765-67 3
D+68-69 1.363-64 3
D63-67 1.061-62 3
D-60-62 0.7602
FBelow 60 0Below 60 1

GPA and Rank

NAC ranks its graduating class using student GPAs (Grade Point Average) calculated according to the grading system indicated above. NAC does not include transfer grades in the calculation of a student’s GPA. Cumulative GPAs are based solely on work done while attending NAC.

Ministry Requirements

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