Success in the 21st century requires a national and global outlook. Therefore, NAC offers the best of the international curriculum with a broad range of electives and options for a diverse learning experience.

Preparing for college takes hard work and dedication. Electives provide each student the chance to develop, show and achieve his full potential, developing different skills and abilities.

You can help your child in preparing for university by cooperating with the school in planning for your child’s future and choosing from a wide range of enriching electives that will maintain his interest and expand his learning experience.

All students need electives to help them choose the best path for their future. NAC gives students the opportunity to follow their passion, whether it is music, art, science, etc. pursuing their interest and dream. We give students a chance to explore topics and a variety of courses with broad-based personal and societal importance.

The curriculum provides a solid foundation but electives expand the learning experience. Some colleges will consider students who have completed the traditional core curriculum, but have also challenged themselves to the best of their abilities and many of these higher education institutions prefer students to have a particular type or level of education with High quality standards.

Electives are choices offered to students in grades 11 and 12. In elementary, middle school and lower high school,  students choose the foreign language they would like to study whether French, German or Spanish. Their extra-curricular courses are Art, Music, Physical Education and Computer. In grades 9 and 10 these courses will be rotated each trimester.

In grades 11 and 12, students need to focus on completing their graduation requirements. Any additional course they take is considered an elective.

Check the curriculum guide for the complete list of courses available