School Library
The Library’s goal is to treat all users as customers and to recognize that students should be encouraged rather than forced to use the Library. One of the aims of our Library is to give students access to reading materials that will enable them to develop their intellect and to discover the enjoyment of reading.

Library Hours
The Library is open from 8.00 am to 3:30 pm from Sunday through Thursday. It is always available for students throughout the working day. Teachers bring classes to the Library according to an Elementary schedule. Members of the Library staff are always available to assist students in retrieving information and especially in gathering information for special projects.

Using the Library
Beginning from Grade 1 students learn “Library skills” which become more detailed each year providing complete information for all research activities and requirements to meet all university expectations.

Librarians provide a demonstrational chart to teach library services, rules and regulations. Librarians help by acquainting students with the basics of indexing, subject division and table of contents. Students are taught how Reference Books, Encyclopedias and Atlases are used.

The present stock amounts to approximately 6,000 items and is catalogued using the “Dewey Classification System” Our stock is regularly updated and our collection includes books, video and audio tapes and CD-ROMs.

Our library also maintains a variety of Periodicals covering a variety of subjects in line with the school curriculum and others for recreational reading.
There is an excellent Reference Section.

The Library has been computerized and uses the total Library System “ TLS”. The library has ten computers with internet access; all have access to the online library catalogue and the internet database. CD-ROM drives in all computers enable students to make the best use of our CD-ROM collection which includes educational and fun-filled programs for the Elementary students as well as information filled reference titles for the Middle and High school students. The rich audio-visual materials in the library’s collection are fully utilized with the availability of the latest AV equipment. The Library
has full Internet access for all NAC students

Library Services

Loan Service

  • Books from general, fiction, and biography sections can be checked out. Books are normally issued for a week.

Reference Services

  • Books in other sections in the library are reference work and are not normally issued outside the library. The librarian will be available to help you find the books on your topic. You could also ask her for other sources like journal articles, websites etc. and for guidance in research methods.


  • The library catalogue can be searched from any computer terminal in the library.


  • The library provides access to electronic resources in two ways:
  1. A collection of multimedia CD ROMs.
  2. Access to Internet.


  • Materials to be photocopied can be marked and given to the person at the Information Desk

Research tool


Extended Essay Guide


To use or not to use Wikipedia:


School Policy on Wikipedia:  Read for background but do not cite!

Rule No. 1:  Use Wikipedia as a starting point for your research, but don’t cite it unless you can exhaustively demonstrate that is the only authoritative source on a particular issue.

Rule No. 2:  Re: Rule No. 1:  That doesn’t mean that you should use the information from Wikipedia anyway and just not cite it.  It means that you should find other research sources.  Encyclopedias are only meant as starting points!  For example, you could find the bibliography in the Wikipedia article and look at the sources that the author of the article used.  You could also look to see if there is a list of links.  Check those out as well.

Rule No. 3:  If you are unsure, ask your teacher or librarian!

Using Wikipedia for Academic Purposes