Alumni Events

NAC Alumni Reunion
Saturday, September 9, 2006

This was the first alumni reunion to take place and coincided with moving to the new campus. Approximately 50 alumni attended the reunion from the first graduates, Class of 2003, to the Class of 2006. The reunion took place in the cafeteria. Drinks and finger food was (were) served. A video was displayed, which included part of the Class of 2003 graduation ceremony and the annual drama production that was performed that year. Alumni t-shirts and mugs were made and sold during the reunion. Everyone had a memorable time reminiscing and catching up.

NAC Alumni Reunion
Saturday, May 9, 2009

The reunion took place in the plaza and then moved to the gym and field. More than 50 alumni attended from the Class of 2003 to the Class of 2009. Additionally (add coma) some staff members and one former teacher, Mr. Alan Turnbull, attended the reunion. The DJ created a lovely atmosphere. The food was mainly grilled meats and salads, which was really great and was complemented by all. The games that Mr. Amr (Athletic Director) planned for the alumni really made it a fun day. They played ping pong, basketball, tug of war, a soccer game and a volleyball game.

NAC Alumni Homecoming Reunion
Friday, November 25, 2016

The reunion included approximately 150 graduates from the Class of 2003 to the Class of 2017. There was a mini bazaar with various food and other vendors, including a senior booth and kids’ arts and crafts area. Several former teachers attended, including Ms. Judy Allen who was visiting from the US and Ms. Hend Serour. Alumni pins were distributed at the entrance. There was a DJ and a famous singer, Hassan Ramzy. Although a soccer tournament and karaoke competition were planned, these were cancelled since there weren’t enough participants. The highlight of the reunion was a tribute to the late Mr. Timothy Jack, beloved NAC teacher, mentor, and friend to many graduates since 2003 until he departed on June 22, 2014.