Mission & Vision

NAC Mission Statement

NARMER AMERICAN COLLEGE has as its primary mission the education and development of the whole student; mind, body and spirit. The student will be equipped to assume positions of leadership with an understanding of technology and its impact on the global community.  Students will be able to cooperate in a diverse multicultural community.

NAC Core Values


1- Academic excellence: Academic excellence is achieved through intellectual curiosity, responsibility, and perseverance.
2- Leadership: A positive school community atmosphere fosters leadership where every student strives to reach his/her full potential.
3- Innovation: A balanced innovative program is necessary to achieve intellectual, physical and emotional well-being, to enhance the education of the whole student.
4- Community Service: Personal integrity is built through character that looks beyond the self to the needs of the surrounding community, finding fulfillment in the support of others and the service of humanity.
5- Cross-culture: Teamwork is necessary for students to discover and to build global cross-cultural competence that prepares them for today’s rapidly advancing global society.

NAC Vision


1- Create a learning environment that enhances the social, emotional, and academic growth of each student.
2- Provide opportunities for students to serve society.
3- Prepare students to live and work in a globally advanced technical society.
4- Enhance the students’ personal identity and strengthen their beliefs and core values.

NAC Profile of the Graduate

Graduates of NARMER AMERICAN COLLEGE will be leaders who:

1- Demonstrate a caring attitude, are environmentally aware, persevere for the good of the community and meet the demands of a rapidly changing country in a global community.
2- Assume roles of leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing global society and in the universities of their choice.
3- Achieve their academic potential and demonstrate the ability to think critically, analyze, solve problems, make decisions, and effectively communicate orally and in written form.
4- Seek to be life-long learners, continually broadening their knowledge and skills.


Drafted November 30, 2016

Planning Team December 8, 2016