Managing Director

Welcome from Managing Director

Narmer American College prepares students for each successive step of their academic careers. However, our ambitions are not limited to the academics alone. It is our mission to educate the "whole person," providing each of our students with the tools necessary to be successful in and out of the classroom. Additionally, we are able to address clearly and directly the particular characteristics and learning needs that the students exhibit.

Our highly qualified faculty has carefully crafted a rich and varied curriculum aimed at helping students acquire knowledge and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Teachers make sure that students go well beyond simply learning the facts. NAC's students read, write, and think critically across the arts and sciences and at all grade levels. To complement this academic experience, Narmer American College offers students an array of opportunities for involvement and leadership in the School community and on its playing fields. Whether in or out of the classroom, activities at Narmer American College aim at motivating students to realize their potential, rewarding both striving and achieving.

The School's major objective is to prepare young men/women for lives of responsibility and leadership in a competitive and ever-changing world. To this end, we uphold certain values including integrity, honor, courage, acceptance of responsibility for one's actions, and commitment to working with others to make a difference on campus and in the world.

Choosing the right school involves a number of decisions. We hope that as you work your way through this important process, you will visit Narmer American College to learn why we are so excited about this School and the opportunities it holds for our students.

Gihan El Rashidy,

Managing Director