Independent Reading

Upper School Independent Reading

This year the English department will start a Supplemental/ Independent Reading Program. The aim of the program is to increase students’ exposure to world literature. Students will be introduced to British Literature, American Literature, and Arabic Literature in Translation. We have decided to include Arabic Literature in Translation because we wanted to introduce our students to literature that they can relate to and identify with. Moreover, literature written by Arab authors about the Arab world provides an opportunity for our students to become more familiar with Arab history and gives students the chance to explore and analyze many of the social and political issues that shape their lives.

The program also aims to improve students’ language skills and critical thinking skills. Although the students will be reading the novels independently outside of the classroom, the novels will be discussed in class and students will be given a variety of assignments to assess their reading. By allowing students to read independently, while giving them proper guidance, we hope to instill in our students a love of reading and help them master the English language.

The program will be an excellent opportunity for our students to start and expand their personal libraries. Each grade level will be assigned certain novels to read each trimester and the students will be required to buy these books. The novels that we have chosen are readily available at most of the bookstores. To make it easier for our students to buy the novels, the school will invite Books & Books bookstore to NAC, so students can buy the novels at school. For trimester 1, students will be required to read novels written by Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz. Books & Books will be invited to NAC on Monday October 17th so students can buy the assigned books.

For the list of assigned books please see below information. Supplemental/Independent Reading Program Reading List :

  • Grade 12: The Coffeehouse
  • Grade11: A Drift on the Nile
  • Grade 10: The Day the Leader was Killed
  • Grade 9: The Journey of Fattouma

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or contact your child’s English teacher.

Hala Ahmed
English Department Coordinator