High School Letter

Letter from the High School Associate Principal

Dear High School Parents,

I am most honored to resume my responsibilities as High School Associate Principal for this year. As we begin this school year together, I am confident that with the positive note we concluded last year, much more will be accomplished. This handbook reflects The Narmer American College Legacy that we as administrators, teachers, parents, and students seek to endorse.

We believe that parental involvement is an essential component to student success. Research has shown that there is a strong connection between the involvement of parents and student achievement. This student handbook contains important information that will help you understand our expectations of both our students and parents. Being familiar with the content of this handbook will ensure that you and your young adult will have a successful school year.


At Narmer, we teach our students to embrace the future and celebrate the past. Our students are not only stimulated to achieve academically but are also encouraged to engage in extra and intra- curricular activities that augment their mental and spiritual growth. Over the past few years, our students have excelled in multiple areas and have risen as outstanding college students, athletes, musicians and leaders in different fields. The positive energy and enthusiasm fostered by our wonderful staff and beautiful students have become remarkable aspects of our high school culture. I am proud to be part of the Narmer team and am looking forward to another productive year.

Howayda ElEnany
High School Associate Principal
Head of English Department 9-12