Elementary School

Dear prospective and current NAC American Elementary Students,

We want you to be proud to be a part of and leave our program with a feeling of accomplishment prepared for life and your future studies.  As you face the world you need to know your place in it, be prepared to understand others and ready to use technology and the tried and true instruments of language and math to make sense of it and communicate with others.  Our goal and efforts are to give you a well-rounded education where our teachers develop your skills, add to your knowledge and grow your understanding in an English rich curriculum that also promotes fluency and mastery of Arabic and growth in another modern language (French, German or Spanish).
We expect our teachers to build a positive and respectful rapport with their students as they guide and direct them understanding each student has their own interests and background and strengths and challenges as a learner.  We seek to combine rich classroom learning with growth in the arts, music and sport so as to develop an appreciation for beauty and healthy and ennobling habits to continue throughout life.  We also want to offer fun activities, social events and outings that move learning beyond the schoolroom and that challenge students to build healthy relationships to others, their community and the world.
Looking ahead we want to raise academic standards and promote academic rigor and excellence as we continue to grow our teaching resources, introduce new and creative methods and develop our curriculum and assessment.  Are you ready to grow and are up to for a challenge?  Then consider joining the American Elementary Division of Narmer American College.
Mr. James Linder Jr.
Early Childhood and American Elementary Division Principal
Narmer American College