Early Childhood Program

Welcome to parents and families of those with children in the Early Childhood Program at Narmer American College,


Program Overview

As part of our committed and fine teachers and staff we want to say thank you for the trust you have shown us in letting us care for and start your child on their educational journey.  The goal of our program is to provide all our children a safe and rich learning space and program that balances the needs of young children for play, rest, and learning (both formal and academic and through art and song). We are proud to offer a rich English immersive setting as we also show our appreciation of Egyptian culture and language as we offer courses in Arabic and national heritage and customs.


Moving Forward

Help us develop your child’s literacy and numeracy by reading and reviewing the alphabet, numbers and words with them when possible.  Start your child on a lifetime of learning by reading to them and providing them with a variety of books at home.  We are reviewing our early childhood curriculum to make sure our students are well-prepared for entering and succeeding in elementary school and to make an easy transition to the more structured and individual learning style of later years.  Similarly, we are continuing to examine our methods and teaching practice to ensure we are offering best practices that are aware of the latest research, child development theory, and changes in society and technology as they affect student learning.


Relationship between parent and school

We are happy to have you drop off and collect your child each day or to allow us to supervise them on one of our buses. We hope you feel free to communicate your child’s needs to us and follow all communication shared by our program director and your child’s teachers to stay up to date with any changes or special events.  We appreciate your support in providing healthy and adequate food and drink and other necessary supplies when requested. We look forward to developing a relationship of respect and cooperation with you to further your child’s development and enjoyment during their time at NAC. Finally, we ask that you review and support us in helping keep to schedules and policies to support a healthy, happy and positive learning environment for all our students.

Mr. James Linder Jr.
Early Childhood and American Elementary Division Principal
Narmer American College