Community Service

Community Service Program Description


Our goal is developing students' personalities & preparing them for the rapid changing world. Some of our community service activities will be affiliated with the American University in Cairo. Heart to Heart, NAC Community Service Organization

Community Service: Service Learning for the Youth

NAC believes that it is as important to prepare students for lives of good citizenship as it is to prepare them for the intellectual challenges of college. We seek to develop the habit of community involvement, to awaken concern for those coping with hardship, and to encourage a sense of responsibility for our environment. In the school there resides the conviction that a meaningful and flexible program of mandatory community service can raise social awareness, broaden outlooks, build conscience and maturity, and teach sound leadership values and skills.

Programs affiliated with the American University in Cairo:

Alashanek Ya Balady

Alashanek Ya Balady is a program that focuses on making NAC students more involved in contributing to the development of their community.
The students will focus on a particular area in Egypt and will plan different activities that can help improve its different conditions, social and economic.
Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a community service programs which aims at giving financial and psychological support to the elderly through several activities and visits.
The program will also help connect the youth to the elderly by means of recreational activities in which they can all participate, raising awareness towards the needs of the elderly.