Athletic Program

Welcome to the Athletics Department at Narmer American College, Cairo. Our Athletic program is a comprehensive program applied in all International schools in the Middle East.  We enjoy local competition in the ISSOC League (International Schools Sports Association of Cairo). 

Along with our athletics program we will be educating students on the benefits of physical activity and raising their awareness of nutrition and the importance of health and wellness and how it plays a major part in their education and their future.

The athletics team will be creating cross curricular activities with the teachers of the core subjects  to maintain a good level of understanding by putting into practice what they have covered in their academic lessons.

NAC is distinctive with outstanding Athletic facilities with a vast soccer field, air-conditioned gymnasium including a Basketball court, a Volleyball court, a Handball court, a Badminton court, indoor soccer court, 3 dance studios, 1 Olympic-size swimming pool, 4-lane track with field event facilities, a fully equipped gymnastics room, and lockers.

We will be running an Athletic program during & after school with many main teams: Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Handball and Table tennis. Boys and girls teams will be available in every sport; Middle School students and High School students under the age of 16 can participate in Junior Varsity teams. Varsity teams are High School students in order to pursue the following goals:

1-To encourage Team spirit
2-To encourage intercultural cooperation
3-To develop a sense of fair play
4-To understand principles of group participation
5-To develop a sense of self-control and discipline
6-To understand the importance of participation to the best of one’s abilities
7-To offer the opportunity to broaden horizons through travel.

NAC Athletic Dept. team