Admission Process

We would like to thank you for your interest in Narmer American College. Parents and students who are considering joining NAC are welcome to apply online through the following admission steps:-


NAC Admission Policies and Procedures

Applicable to all applicants either inside or outside Egypt.

Step 1:- Online Applications

Complete online application (
An ID # will automatically be automated via parents’ E-mail/S MS . 

Step 2:- Required Documents for Admission Placement Test

All Applicants must submit all their required documents before the interview date .

-    Original birth certificate
-    6 personal photos
-    Most recent grade report
-    Behavior letter from current school
-    Copy of the father's I.D. and Copy of the mother's I.D.
-    The Admission office will schedule the admission placement test for applying students, confirmation call/ e-mail or SMS will be sent to parents.
-    The Admission office will have a complete file for each applicant on the admission placement test date and no assessment will be held without the complete submission of the complete documents.

Step 3:- Parents’ Interview

All parents’ interviews in the presence of the child will be scheduled with Ms. Dina Fawzy on Sundays and Tuesdays from 11 to 1:30 PM

Step 4:- Admission Decision

The final decision of acceptance / refusal will be announced beginning from one  week after the assessment and interview date and not prior .

Step 5:- Dues of payment and deadlines

Any parent who won’t meet the fees’ deadline won’t be granted a place for his child in spite of the child’s application acceptance .

Step 6:- Additional documents required 

In case your child is transferring from a school within EGYPT, you are required  to present all the above mentioned documents in addition to the following:-
1-A certificate testifying to the promotion of your child from one year to another, issued by the Ministry of Education, Educational department (New Cairo District).
2- School transfer paper stamped from your child’s previous school and the Ministry of Education, Educational Department (New Cairo District)

In case your child is transferring from a school outside of EGYPT. You are required to present all the above mentioned in part one in addition to the following:-
1- Attendance statement from the previous school.
2- Previous years school reports.
3- Both must be original documents duly signed and stamped by the Ministry of Education/ Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian Embassy or consulate in the country you are transferring from..

Step 7:- Waiting List

Once the number of accepted students reaches its limit, the remaining applicants will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

Priority in acceptance goes to students with highest performance on the Admission Placement test.