Head of School Letter

Posted on 18 December 2012

September 2, 2012

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Narmer American College, I would like to welcome all the school children and their families and add a special welcome to those students and families who are joining the Narmer family for the first time. As you know, the new school year will begin on September 9th and there is much to do as you and Narmer get ready for the new school year. This has been a summer of considerable change to our school and staff. We have added a number of new teachers to meet the demands of our growing student population. A number of highly qualified faculty members have joined our American and British program.

Regarding NAC, there have been a number of exciting things going on over the summer. We have added Smart Board technology to each classroom in both the Lower and Upper schools. Upon their return, all our teachers and administrators received Smart Board training. In addition to the Smart Board technology, our campus is set up for wireless internet access. Students will be permitted to bring lap top computers and Ipads to school. However, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the electronic devices are fully charged before they come to school. We made a commitment to electronic learning (E-learning) and have delivered on that commitment. You and your child will have full access to textbooks and curriculum on line.

In order to further facilitate our parents’ access to school information; we have put all our policies and procedures related to student discipline. I strongly urge you to review this information with your child. This year our school will institute the house system. Each student will be assigned to a house. This system is designed to allow students to compete with their colleagues and a broad range of activities including academic challenges. During the first day of school, when students receive their schedules, they will be assigned to a House. We are also making student ID’s for each and every student and we will be using the pictures that we have on file. If you wish to send us a recent photo of your child, kindly send it to the main reception desk with name and grade level. On the first day of school, September 9th, students will receive their schedules, locker assignments, and their house assignment. During the first week of school I will meet with all grade levels. I will provide you with a schedule of the meetings so that you may able to attend.

Attached to this letter, you will find your child’s supply list for the upcoming first weeks of school. Please review the list. I wish you all the most enjoyable and successful school year yet. I look forward to another exciting year of watching our fine students learn, achieve and grow. If there is anything that I and our staff can do to make your child’s year a very successful and productive year, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Youssef Salah El Din
Head of School