Letter from the British Associate Principal Years 1,2,3

Posted on 2 September 2019

I am delighted and proud to be able to introduce myself as the new Associate Principal for the British Section Years 1-3 at Narmer American College.

I am a graduate of English and over the past 30 plus years I have been Teaching and handled Various Educational projects in both the United Kingdom and Egypt.

I also had a span working in the corporate world where I was involved in training and development.

I have been made to feel really welcome by the amazing team of staff that we have on board for the next academic year and I am very excited about working with the children in partnership with the parents of the British Section.

I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to play a key role in shaping the education and raising the aspirations of our students.

Working together as a team, myself and the staff aim to provide a supportive and caring environment, inspirational teaching, the latest resources, concentrating on developing critical thinking, problem solving skills, social skills, while engaging and motivating our students to be the best they possibly can. Our students will be encouraged to be lifelong learners who will welcome learning into their life, in all its forms.

Working in partnership with parents is crucial, if we are to ensure all of our children feel safe, happy, valued and achieve their full potential.

I would like to add that I am passionate about nutrition and healthy eating and hope to see a lot of healthy student lunch boxes. As a working mother of two now grown up boys, I remember how monotonous it becomes doing this every day, but   it is critical to the students health and well being and ensures they have the nutrients they need to learn and perform well at school. Please, feel free to ask me for any ideas of what to send with your children for lunch and snack time.

I will end by sharing one of my favourite quotes from George Evans ‘’EVERY STUDENT CAN LEARN, JUST NOT ON THE SAME DAY, OR THE SAME WAY “


I look forward to meeting you all in the near future at the Orientation session on September 2nd at  9am in the school auditorium.


Sincerely yours,

Lisa Anyon


Procedures to be followed on the first day of school


The students should arrive at school on Sunday 8 September 2019  between 7.45 and 8am maximum.

Students must be in full school uniform.

Please enter the school from Gate 1.

Class Lists and room numbers will be displayed in the foyer   on the right side, as you enter the main door.

British Section, Year 1-3 classrooms   are on the 3rd Floor on the Left hand side.

Please kindly leave after you have dropped your child to their classroom.


Wishing you all an amazing school year ahead.