Letter from the Early childhood Principal

Posted on 2 September 2019

My name is Clark Dauner. I am the Principal for the Early Childhood Division at NAC. I am extremely excited to be working with the staff, with you and especially with the students.


I am beginning my 21st year in education. I have a Bachelors Degree in Communications and a Bachelors in Elementary Education. After teaching for two years, I went back to school and received a Masters Degree and Educational Specialists Degree in Educational Administration. I taught fifth grade for seven years, and multiple grade levels (third through high school) for another five years. For seven years I had the privilege of serving as an elementary school principal in the U.S. in a Pre-K through fourth grade building where we served 800 students. I moved here from the U.S. Virgin Islands where I was teaching multiple grade levels.  It is my honor and privilege to be working with this amazing staff for a second year.


The EC program here at Narmer continues to grow, and we are committed to improving ourselves to better serve the needs of the students.  Last year we added several important components including a very comprehensive and focused curriculum to help guide the learning, a department-wide student behavior program (BIST) to maximize instructional time and decrease disruptions in the classroom and the online parent resource center (  We pride ourselves on assessing students regularly and designing customized individual plans for success.  Each child learns in different ways and at different rates.  This belief helps guide our instruction to give every student the help they need and opportunities to grow.


We have a full academic and social calendar planned for the year, and we hope to partner with you to make it a fun and successful year for all.  Please utilize the EC Parent Resource Center throughout the year to stay informed, communicate with your child’s teacher, and help your child work from home to improve their skills.


The first day of school is Sunday, September 8th.  Students should arrive no earlier than 7:30 through the main entrance (gate 1) or gate 2.  Parents can re-enter the department for dismissal through gate 2 at 3:00.  Please note that the Early Childhood main entrance will be locked for dismissal.  It is much safer to separate our students from the older kids during this time.  Also, please do not go through the reception area as it will be very crowded and none of our students will be there.  Once arriving in the department you will see maps and class lists posted on the walls and outside each classroom.  There will be plenty of people to ask for help, so don't be shy!


I am cordially inviting you to our Parent Orientation which will be on Thursday, September 5th in the NAC auditorium from 9:00-11:00.  Hopefully I can answer all your questions to make these first days of school run smoothly.


I look forward to another great year here at NAC, and am excited to partner with you to make this a meaningful, positive and successful experience for you and your child.


Clark Dauner