About NAC

Narmer American College is an independent school which offers an American curriculum with American methods of learning. Founded in 2000, the school campus has outstanding facilities.Faculty experience represents over 50 different locations in the world. Our faculty work personally with each student, taking the responsibility of not only helping the students achieve their educational goals, but also preparing them for their future. The school achieves its mission "to prepare students to succeed in the universities of their choice in Egypt and abroad. The PreK-12 curriculum is aligned with the AP Standards of learning following the College Board Standards for College Success CBSCS. We implement internal and external assessments and standardized testing such as IOWA tests. Additionally internal assessments are conducted for students in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 .

The PSAT is taken in Grade 10 and the SAT / SAT II in Grades 11 and/or 12. Regional academic .

Technology is integrated in our daily classroom practices with smart board technology including a dynamic academic Management system which enables students to follow and complete assignments and academics online. Laptops and IPad are essential on campus and our students learn to experiment and explore using the most advanced technological tools along with their own devices. Our advanced Computer labs and fully equipped Science labs offer our students endless opportunities for learning and success.  The fine arts department continues to expand its offerings and performances and a school Drama .